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Ideally, puppy IPO foundation training should begin when the puppy is 9 t0 10 weeks old and has had at least two weeks to bond with it's new family.  Puppies have a natural imprint period beginning around 8 weeks of age and ending around 14 weeks.  But...if your puppy is older than this, don't worry!  Our IPO foundation program works for puppies of all ages if they have the proper drives because we customize the program for the way your puppy learns best.  It  is designed to work with the natural instincts of the dog and not against him/her. It's never too late to get started. 

This program includes 6 sessions.  A session is scheduled for 45 minutes although actual time is dependent on the puppy and what it is able to give us for that day.  We will work your puppy several times during each visit. 

After this program, you will have the pieces of exercises imprinted on your puppy, tools to build grip and drive elements and a general understanding of how your puppy thinks, learns and communicates.  After your puppy finishes teething and can handle the stress of working full exercises, the pieces you and your puppy learn in this program can be strung together and extended naturally.  It's like riding a bike...once you learn how to do it, you never forget.  With this program, once your puppy learns the pieces and tools, stringing them together is natural and easy. 

This program covers beginning  foundation training for both you and your dog and will rocket your team AT LEAST six months ahead of trying to figure things out on your own at a Schutzhund Club. 

Subjects include:

  • Basic Schutzhund Commands
  • Drive Building
  • Tracking
  • Handling
  • Equipment
  • Training Theories
  • ...And much MORE!

This program isn't just about training a dog.  It's about teaching you and your dog how to be a team...not just a handler and dog walking down a field. It is a private seminar spread over 6 weeks sharing with you much of what Dara and Les have learned in our combined fifty-plus of training Schutzhund dogs and puppies. 

This program is also an excellent beginning for people and youth who aspire to become dog trainers themselves.  We'll teach you how to speak your dog's language as much as he will learn to speak yours. 


PRIVATE BEGINING IPO / Schutzhund Puppy Foundation Training
(6 sessions - approximately 45 minutes each)
Price is per dog.  There are no discounts for multiple dogs.

NOTE:  The first Beginning IPO Puppy Foundation session consists of a aproximate 1-hour evaluation of the puppy to make sure it has the appropriate drives to do IPO work.  We will give an honest evaluation of what we see.  If we feel that a puppy is not a good candidate for IPO work, only $75 for the evaluation session is due at that time.  If your puppy passes our evaluation and you wish to continue with IPO training, the balance of the program fee ($405) is due at the end of the evaluation as well. 

IPO Eval = $75
6 Week Program if passed Eval– $405
+ Puppy Bite Toys and 10ft leash = $35
Total if taking the IPO foundation Class = $515.00

Payment is non-refundable once the first training session has begun unless otherwise noted.

A credit card is required at time of booking to hold a session spot. 
Please see CANCELLATION POLICY for more information.


Our Intermediate Puppy IPO program continues working and perfecting the behaviors and tools started in the beginning IPO Puppy Foundation class.  It extends these behaviors in to gradually bigger questions building towards full exercises.  The purpose of this program it to  bridge the time gap between our Beginning IPO Program and when the puppy comes out of teething and can handle the stresses of putting together full exercises.

This program asks small but increasingly more complex questions of the puppy, continues to strengthen and explore the puppy’s natural drives, builds the teamwork bond between the handler and puppy and  helps the handler gain confidence, maintain a good work ethic and stay involved and committed to training until the puppy is able to put all of the pieces together to create exercises after teething is completed.

Please contact us for more specific information about what this program presents.

NOTE: An evaluation or instructor’s authorization is required for this program if the puppy and handler have not completed the BEGINNING IPO Puppy Foundation Program. 

INTERMEDIATE IPO / Schutzhund Puppy Foundation Training
(6 sessions - approximately 45 minutes each)
Price is per dog. There are no discounts for multiple dogs.
The cost of this course is $480
Payment is non-refundable once the first training session has begun unless otherwise noted.
A credit card is required at time of booking to hold a session spot. 
Please see CANCELLATION POLICY for more information.





Advanced Puppy IPO Program

Handling and Problem Solving Program


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